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Other Things We Do:

Coffee Cupping

Think 'wine tasting' - but with coffee! We take anywhere from three to six different roasts from different origins, guiding you and your friends, family or coworkers on a coffee journey. Great for coffee lovers and novices alike. This service, which can be held as a private event or pre-scheduled during regular hours, starts at $20/person. Contact us today to set up details and for a quote! We recommend at least 72 hours notice before wishing to schedule - it gives us time to select a variety of beans!

To-Go Airpots

Looking to take our coffee with you for a meeting, wedding, baby shower, community event, or something fun? No problem! We charge $15 per 3 liter airpot (about 10 cups of coffee) and include any cups, stirrers, creamers, napkins, etc. that you may need. Contact us to schedule your coffee pickup today! We suggest at least 24 hours notice to make sure we can fill the order properly. Note: $5 refundable deposit is refunded when you return our airpots.

Private Events

Are you looking for a small, intimate space for your meeting, get-together, club, or other event? And you want a barista serving delicious coffee on-site? Look no further! We are available during non-operating hours to host a wide range of events and provide coffee services to you and your guests. For details and to arrange such an event, contact us today! Most event prices start at $30, and subject to availability.

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