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The Owners:


"Hilltop Coffee is a community café, very much with the emphasis on community."
- Jami & Dan, owners

Jami and Dan have, for nearly as long as they've been together, dreamed of one day opening their own independent coffee shop. Living apart for several years during college and early careers, they would spend hours talking on the phone about their dream café. Dan returned to Pittsburgh in April 2017 after finishing an MA in European History from the University of Cincinnati. He was followed shortly by Jami, a 5th-generation Pittsburgher raised on nearby Wellington Street, who returned home after a stint working for the Department of the Navy in Washington DC. New challenges came to pass, like purchasing and renovating their 1888-built South Side Slopes home; however, they never stopped dreaming about their coffee shop. "Maybe when we're in our forties and have some money saved up," they would say. Well, how things change - and quickly!

After some fortunate discussions with friends and neighbors, beginning in January 2020, Jami and Dan began work on the Day & Night Heating and Air Conditioning storefront that had recently closed after faithfully serving the community for decades. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck in March, progress stopped for a few months until construction could safely begin again. Then, errors made by the City of Pittsburgh Permits, License, and Inspections department delayed the project even longer than the pandemic did. Despite bureaucratic and health setbacks, on December 12th 2020, Hilltop Coffee proudly and safely opened its doors with masked-but-smiling faces.

"It is an absolute honor to live in, be a part of, and serve Arlington, the South Side Slopes, and communities beyond in Pittsburgh. We hope to be able to do so for many years to come, and welcome everyone into our shop the way we would welcome you into our home - with warmth and delicious caffeine! See you on the Hilltop!"

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